we are different since 2018

A company you can trust in Cyprus.

DominArt is based in Cyprus. We manufacture products made out of acrylic/plexiglass, PVC, and wood. Our workshop is well-equipped to handle a wide range of projects, no matter the size and complexity, using the latest laser and CNC cutting and engraving machines. We provide full drawing and design services to accommodate your requests, but we also cooperate with your appointed architect or designer.


Acrylic fabrication

We design and manufacture for you unique acrylic products, with a special focus on display stands for a variety of products. 


We have extensive experience in signage and letters. Our signs are made of acrylic, PVC, or wood, depending on our client’s needs. Our signs are unique and memorable in order to distinguish your brand. 

Decorative Panels

Due to our experience in interior design, we can coordinate effectively with your designer and manufacture decorative panels that bring out your space. Our panels can be made out of acrylic, PCV, or wood.

CNC and Laser machine services

We provide any services that may require CNC and laser machines, always using the latest technology.

Gift and Design creations

We make gifts for your most important moments, such as weddings, baptisms, baby showers, parties, events, and many more, so you can cherish those moments forever. 

Acrylic fabrication

In the few years since our establishment, we have succesfully managed to gain the trust of major companies in Cyprus that use our stands to display their products, due to our guiding principles; the quality, ergonomics and stability of the stand, along with its aesthetic appearance. We design and manufacture for you unique acrylic stands, in accordance with the products you want to display. We put the limelight on your product in order to maximize your sales.

Signs fabrication

Our signs cater to all your needs, as they can be personalised in size, colour, and height. Made from the highest quality materials, we manufacture signs for both interior and exterior spaces.

Elevate your aesthetics with our decorative panels

Our decorative panels are suitable for a variety of environments, giving a modern and aesthetic touch to your space. They match well with almost any interior design already in place, as a wide spectrum of colours and textures is available. Our panels work perfectly as a feature wall or as stand-alone décor for walls or ceilings.