how about something completely unique?


We know how touching a custom-made gift can be. We design and manufacture for you personalised gifts made from wood and acrylic, for all your special moments and people, that they will not find anywhere else. 

Whether it is a wedding, a baptism, or a corporate party, there is something for everyone and every occasion and event. We bring your ideas to life and you have complete creative freedom over the design.

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Custom gifts & decorations for all special occasions

Our designs are as unique as your events. We provide our services either wholesale, such as gifts for corporate parties, or retail, such as wedding and baptism gifts.

Wedding Decorations & Gifts

Birthday & Baptism Decorations & Gifts

Personalized Night Light

Our personalised night light is an easy and lovely way to express your feelings. The night light is warm and soft with no glare, perfect for bedroom, living room, offices etc.